Adele Miller

Technology-fascinated University of Washington Informatics student with interests in cybersecurity, data science, and bioethics.

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4 courses of experience


2 courses, 2 related projects (1, 2)


1 course (AI), teaching assistant for course using Python, 1 related project (1)


1 course, server-side development, built messaging application
(code is unavailable because it is a solution to a course project)


1 course, 1 related project (Work in progress - 1)


Used in server side course to deploy Go and Node servers. Used private networks.


Used droplets to host servers.


1 course, 1 related project using it for users and storage (1)


Created reports during my internship using data from a live database.


3 time teaching assistant for R course INFO 201, teaching dplyr, ggplot2 and plotly, 1 related project (1)

Adobe Illustrator

Used to create vector art.

Laser Cut Art

Made designs and filled laser cut art commissions. (Etsy)

Data Wrangling

Used R and Python packages to reshape and utilize data.

Data Vis

Used R and Python packages to visualize data.


1 course, 1 related project (1)


Check out some of my work around the web.

Baroque Chess Game Agent

Utilizes AI techniques such as minimax algorithm, alpha-beta pruning, zobrist hashing to compete. Group project, created in Python.

View on Github
Messaging Server
Go & Node Server

Created using Go, Docker, Digital Ocean, and NodeJS with authentication, sessions, web sockets, messaging queues, and REST APIs.

Not currently hosted.
Chocolate Notebook
Journal Web App

Web application built using React and FireBase that stores user data about chocolate. Group project for Client-Side Web Development course.

View on Github Live


I'm a senior in majoring in Informatics with data science and information assurance and cybersecurity specializations at the University of Washington. I'm currently delving into application security, advanced databases and server-side development in Golang, which are my newest technological fascinations.

My recent work has been as a teaching assistant at the University of Washington supporting data science courses, researching on disaster resilience, and supporting the Business Intelligence department at Starbucks.

For the past three years, I've co-hosted CodeDay with StudentRND to support new programmers and get them connected to resources that will help them explore the world of code and development to their heart's content.

I am planning to stick around Seattle in the future!


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Check out my recent work on Github, or send an email my way!